The "Prague Synergy 2013: Accreting Relativistic Compact Objects and their Environment" conference will take place in Prague, Czech Republic from 22 November to 1 December 2013. The conference is organised by the Institute of Physics of the Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic in cooperation with the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in Prague.

The conference is open to invited participants only. The number of participants is limited to 120 including students. Among the invited speakers who have preliminarily accepted the invitation are M. Abramowicz, T. Bulik, M. Feroci, W. Kluzniak, Y. Kojima, J. P. Lasota, P. Horava, J. McClintock, J. Miller, L. Stella.

The scientific aim of the conference is to discuss recent developments in relativistic astrophysics in the fields of physics of compact objects and theories of gravity, accretion theory, and the X-ray variability and spectra. The scientific discussions will take place within the six following individual sections of the conference:


  •  Recent Advances in Black Hole Accretion Theory

Chair: M. Abramowicz

  •  Alternative Theories of Gravity and their Implications for Accreting Systems

Chair: Z. Stuchlík

  •  Fast X-ray Variability of Black Hole and Neutron Star Sources

Chairs: V. Karas & G. Török

  •  Spectra of Accreting Compact Objects

Chairs: A. De Rosa & M. Dovčiak

  •  Neutron Stars in Accreting Systems

Chairs: J. Miller, J. Říkovská-Stone & M. Urbanec

  •  Charged Matter Orbiting around Compact Objects

Chairs: Y. Kojima & J. Kovář


Shortly before the conference, two important deadlines in the area of X-ray astronomy will be passed within the ESA Cosmic Vision selection process - one for the selection of themes for the L2/L3 class mission (concerns the proposal of "Hot and Energetic Universe" theme motivating the large X-ray observatory mission - Athena+) and one for the submission of the yellow books for the M3 class missions (concerns the Large Observatory for X-ray Timing mission - LOFT).  The conference participants are invited to take part in the round-table session organised during the conference to discuss the ESA decision and the future of X-ray astronomy.


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The conference is funded and organized within the framework of the project CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0071 "Synergy" aimed to support international collaboration of the Institute of Physics of SU Opava.




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